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12k_reflection now open! :D
ranalinde wrote in 12k_reflection
Ok, after a whole year of not doing anything about this community, I've finally got it all set up! xD I am very sorry for the huge delay. *bows low* Anyways, now that everything's done (well, everything but the layout...my sister is working on that and will hopefully have it finished by the end of the week :3), you can finally start posting here. ^___^ Please remember to read all of the rules (and I do mean ALL of them) before posting, or you shall find your post deleted without warning. Thank you. ^__^ ♥

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So, we may go ahead & apply now? ♥

Yep, you can apply now. :D Although, gathering votes is probably going to be a little slow at the moment because we still need more members...but yes, if you'd like you can go ahead and apply now. ^__^

Wonderful! will start right away!

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