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Personality and Appearance ....Youma!
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ragyn wrote in 12k_reflection



Name: Tina
Age: 24
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Do you have a preference for the gender of the character you will be voted as? Absolutely not.

Likes: Salty foods, animals, books, ceramics, and fantasy movies.

Dislikes:I dislike bigots, bullies, and hatred.

Hobbies: Reading! Arts and crafts, and training my pet rats and my cats.

Strengths:I have a fondness for the written word, so I am very apt towards learning new skills not always directly taught to me. I believe in my ability to listen allows people to relax around me.I am exceedingly honest.

Weaknesses: Some of my closer friends of said that my blatant truthfulness can be a little harsh. I would say that I do not gentle my words all the time.

Favourite Quotes: Two of my favorite quotes that I can think of off of the top of my head are both from William Yeats.

“But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.”

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”


How do people usually describe you? Quiet, thoughtful, intelligent.

Who do you admire most and why? It is not a singular person I admire but rather those who show kindness through actions, leading by example. The every day person who helps someone, even in the smallest way. I think sometimes it takes more for people to be kind than to ignore those around them.

What is your dream?: Simply peace. That war, fammine, and plague did not exist on this world.

In what kind of place do you feel most at home? Outside under a shady tree in the spring time where no one else is around for miles, or at least not around me. Someplace I can relax.

What is more important to you: yourself, your family, your friends, your country? Why? Thats a hard choice to make. My instinct says my family but ultimately I would say anyone close to me. Kind and generous people. So my country. I would die for my loved ones and country. I would die to keep everyone safe.

Who is your favourite character in Juuni Kokki and why? I wouldnt say just one character is my favourite as I have three different reasons for likeing three different characters.

Rakushun would be one of my favourites due to his generousity, and character disposition. His acts, mainly unselfish, help guid Youko to self realization and rationale. He acts as mentor, and guidence during troubled times providing a stable and rational personality through her troubles.

I like Shushou for her bluntness. She shows her kindness through actions although harsh, they get results. Its her quirk which makes her an interesting character to watch especially when talking to Kyouki. She admonishes him for his naivity, leaving the irony of their physical appearances.

Finally Taiki because of his worry. To have a great responsibility to foster onto someone whom you are afraid of is not a unhuman trait. It gives his character believability. Who would not be afraid of hurt? Of making the wrong choice? There is something inately humane in Taiki's actions that makes me like him almost inheritantly.

Who is your least favourite character and why? At the begining it was Youko. I disliked her wishy washy approach to life as a character but as she grew I attained a better liking for her. I have to say my least favorite after the first few episodes of Youko's older personality I say Saguru. He seems like a forced character. It throws the world off balance.

What is your favourite scene in Juuni Kokki and why? My favorite scene is when Rakushun shows Youko the tree of life (I need to remember to look up the real name in the book). These moments of gentle teaching show the careful buildup of friendship.

If you were chosen by a kirin as the next ruler to a country in turmoil...how would you react and what would you do? I do not think I would be afraid of the responsibility but I would question how accurate my choices would be in governing. Its not that I wouldnt be suprized but that I would probably try to settle the turmoil with as little fighting as possible, envoke laws wherein hatred of outsiders, half-bests, and people from wa and elsewhere were welcomed, and insitute a set of reforms galvinizing the people into better living conditions and higher education for all. Although Knowing this might be a while in coming the central knowledge that I want and am willing to make things change for the better would sustain me, I believe.

Which of the following positions in a kingdom would you prefer and why: King/Queen, teacher/advisor, minister, lord, servant, guard/soldier, other? I would prefer Queen or Lord. It may sound austantacous of me to aquate myself with high standing but I feel that through being at the top would allow me to help the greatest number of people. Being a soldier, servant, or teacher would allow me to help only a few and at best a handful at a time. Though this brings about change it brings it so, in a far slower pace than what a Lord or Queen could set. It would take awhile for most social reforms but quicker than any reform a teacher might try to pass on to her pupils.

Anything else you'd like to say? I'm so glad that this finally is getting off to a start! Its very interesting.


Do you have a preference for the gender of the character you will be voted as? Not at all!

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Green eyes

5 Votes:

(I'll vote for those after me as well, and put the links up then, when people post more applications.)

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Personality wise, I got some Kouya vibes, but I'm gonna stick with Enho. (And yay for pet rats!)

Appearence wise, I see Sairin in your facial features, but Yuka overall.

For personality, the general tone and much of the content of your application seem very Rakushun. :3

As for appearance, I'd agree with a combination of Sairin and Yuka. :)

Your personality seems to remind me a lot of Rakushun.

And I'm also going for Yuka on your appearance.

For appearance, I think your face is isn't short enough to be Yuka. Instead, I'll go with Rangyoku.

As for personality, I'm thinking Keiki. XD

for personality i'd say Sanshi... wow teh first time that i see a character in someone 100%^^

as for teh appearance i'd say Rangyoku too^^

Personality: First thought. Rakushun.
Appearance: Rangyoku

For personality I'm thinking Sekki

And for appearance...I think I see some Lady Suibikun in the first two shots ^_^

You have been stamped as..


This was a tie between Yuka and Rangyoku!

Stay active and keep voting please~! :)

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