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duzie_ou wrote in 12k_reflection

Name: Nadia
Age: 17
Zodiac Sign: Snake/Virgo
Do you have a preference for the gender of the character you will be voted as? girl or guy, it doesn't really matter to me.
Likes: pillows, money, music, art/poems/manga/anime/doujinshi, messenger bags, earrings, shiny and/or silver things.
Dislikes: being bored, getting sick, people you don't know that just have to touch your shoulder to get your attention for like almost no reason at all, people that think they know or can do everything better than you, anyone that complains about how bad their life is when it's not as bad as they make it out to be, people that look down on anyone cause their so called "better" than everyone else, cleaning, not having things go my way, and adultism!
Hobbies: drawing, cosplaying, making my normal day clothes different, changing my room to look a little different each week or so, and collecting things like: bunnies/teddy bears, earrings, anime plushies, really soft pillows, shiny silver necklaces, wrist bands, manga, doujinshi, etc.
Strengths: I have a really good memory! So good in fact I can remember even the most pointless of conversations I have had with people. I also have a small little habit of observing people's likes, dislikes, and actions to things from the very moment I meet them. Also I'm someone that almost always never stresses over problems, I usually just sit back on the sidelines a lot and watch them unfold till I either feel like I need to step in or want to step in. Basically since I am able to stay calm during a hell of alot problems when and if I need to step in to help or just plain solve the problem I can think a little more clearly than most people who are by that time stressed to hell and back.
Weaknesses: I am one of the most pickiest eaters, so much that even friends say that I am hard to go eat with sometimes. I procrastinate on things I find boring alot.
Favourite Quotes: "You may play chess, but you forget that checkers can play big sometimes too!" ~ a personal favorite quote of mine I thought up just for stuck up adults (or teachers). This quote was something thought up from my love for checkers and hate for chess, it also was thought up from the fact many adults I know seem to love chess and think checkers is a kids game.

"I say the comedy is that it's serious." ~ A favorite quote from the song The Remedy (I Won't Worry) by Jason Mraz.

How do people usually describe you?
good things: carefree, easy-going, cheerful, fun loving, extremely lucky, unique, unpredictable, random, smarter than I look and/or make myself out to be.
(sorta) bad things: mischievous, lazy, intentfully rude, greedy when it comes to money and/or things I want or won't have any other way.
Who do you admire most and why? I have only one person I admire, that person is Ohkami, Mineko. Up in till reticently she had been working of a manga named Doragon Kishidan (english name: Dragon Knights) from 1990 up to last month when she finally finished the manga at v.26. The two things I admire her for is that she took those many years to work on it with patience and with her patience her art style changed from not so great looking to beautiful art.
What is your dream?: To own and work at some type of anime shop, as well as work as a part time bartender, and of course travel to japan and other places more than once in my life time.
In what kind of place do you feel most at home? Any place with my manga collection and computer.
What is more important to you: yourself, your family, your friends, your country? Why? I would say myself. I always have and will put my importance before others, my friends and family would be almost just important as I find myself to be, as for my country it's importance to me would be pretty much dead last. It's not like I don't care about my country, I do but at the same time I find that myself, friends and family are just more important.
Who is your favourite character in Juuni Kokki and why? It's a tie between Kouya and Taiki. Those two are lovable in their own ways.
Who is your least favourite character and why? Goson. No one who doesn't think about others when trying to become popular or something should be really liked.
What is your favourite scene in Juuni Kokki and why? I would have to say the scene at near the beginning of the anime with yoko's dream. I thought it was pretty cool Kozaru appeared as one of the first characters and knew yoko already as Sekishi. (Yes! I had re-watched the anime many times!) It does however make me wonder just how far ahead Tentei chooses the rulers, cause if yoko had been having that "same dream" or so she had said in the anime for awhile than.... yeah. u.u
If you were chosen by a kirin as the next ruler to a country in turmoil...how would you react and what would you do? Anyone would be shocked! so I would be too, but I think would accept it all almost right away as well. Of course I would worry about missing my family and friends at first but nothing would be stopping me from making new ones! After becoming queen I would have my ministers and kirin point out what the kingdom has and doesn't have much of before I went about choosing a way to rule the kingdom, but after I got I rough idea of what could be done to make the kingdom a better place, I would have my ministers and kirin share their point of views and maybe worries on my rough idea of how the kingdom will turn out to be and than I'd just figure out where to go from there.
Which of the following positions in a kingdom would you prefer and why: King/Queen, teacher/advisor, minister, lord, servant, guard/soldier, other? I would choose to be a lord, because I would like to help better people's lives with at least some type of power at my hands to help me do it. I also sorta prefer being a lord cause just saying I'd prefer being a queen would sound more than a little greedy and that I really wouldn't like the huge responsibility that came with being a queen, I'd much prefer being a lord cause they of course have less responsibility than a queen or king to handle!!
Anything else you'd like to say? I hope I'm not to hard to make a vote on. u.u
5 Votes:
1) Zero!
2) Ichi!
3) Three!
4) San!
5) There were only four people to vote on. u.u

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Hmm... you were a hard one. I saw Seishuu, Sanshi, and even a bit of Gyokuyou! I think I'm going to stick with my first Seishuu impulse, though, especially from your strengths. (BTW, I love that checkers quote!)

I'm sensing some Seishuu and Shouryuu. :D

Ooooh Dragon Knights is awesome~~~! I love that series too! >__< My sisters used to obsess over it, so we have like 16 vols of it at home(I usually never buy manga). :)

But on to the voting, I'm going for Shouryuu!

I sense a mix between Rangyoku and Seishuu

I kept sensing Enki, though it was closely tied with Shouryuu.

I know you still don't have six votes yet :( but you've probably waited long enough (nearly a whole year! >_<;) and there are hardly any new members lately...so, here's your stamp:

I'm so so sorry for the ridiculously long wait. T__T

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