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The Youma demand a restamp!
appaku wrote in 12k_reflection
This is the first time I've ever applied for a restamp in any rating community, but this time it felt necessary. I can not see any Suzu in myself whatsoever, and neither can my friends who also know Juuni Kokki. Nothing against Suzu at all, it just didn't work...



Name: Brittany
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn/Dragon
Do you have a preference for the gender of the character you will be voted as? Either one is fine

Likes: Attention/praise (though I won't beg for it or think the world revolves around me), having time to hang out with friends, accomplishing both long and short term goals, creative writing (but not so much of the writing), harmless jokes, botany, companionship, success, learning, acting, flowers, kanji, and singing as loud as possible to karaoke when I think no one is listening

Dislikes: Needles, harm coming to my loved ones, feeling powerless in any given situation, general disrespect for human life, cleaning, migraines, math, loneliness

Hobbies: Acting (voice and theater style), drawing, massage, foreign language

Strengths: Uncompromising morals, persistence/unwillingness to give up, academically smart, observant

Weaknesses: I beat myself up for things too much, I tend to be OCD in that I can't stand to waste anything, I'm stubborn, and sometimes don't speak up for fear of hurting someone's feelings

Favourite Quotes: "The good general and the ruler who does not interfere is victory." -Sun Zu (The Art of War) I'm not a big fan of war or anything, or much of a strategist, but I find that line amusing.


How do people usually describe you? Depends on whether or not I like them. If they're people I get along with, they'd say I'm animated, caring, talented, and dedicated. If I don't like them, they'd say I'm the cold, quiet girl whose super smart or something.

Who do you admire most and why? My economics teacher. She had gone through years and years of domestic abuse, and at one point her husband nearly killed her (succeeding in partially paralyzing her face, though). She finally packed up her three children and went back to America with no money, wound up having to care for her sick mother on top of that, but still managed to go to college and support herself on minimum wage and food stamps. To make a long story short, she lives a very comfortable, fulfilling life now, and I admire how she got herself there. A lot of the encouraging things she said stick with me.

What is your dream?: To protect the people I care about- but if you really want me to be honest, I'd love to be a voice actress in Japan! *glittery eyes*

In what kind of place do you feel most at home? A school setting is usually best for me. IF I want people to hang out with, I can find a group to hang out with. If I want to get something done, I have resources for that. If I just want to hide away from people, there's usually some place to do that, too.

What is more important to you: yourself, your family, your friends, your country? Why? My family. Not only do I feel obligated to care for them, but I love them- and there's lots of them! I worry more about them than anyone else. I tend to make a lot of decisions based on "wait- would my mother want me doing this?".

Who is your favourite character in Juuni Kokki and why? Rakushun, as I already have a weakness for ratty characters. :D That, and he was the only character I liked right away- he didn't do anything that made me want to strangle him! Rather, I liked that he had a good head on his shoulders and made decisions that seemed best for everyone. Even though he's polite and sweet, he can also be a bit cynical. (I also LOVE his relationship with Youko!)

Who is your least favourite character and why? The king of Ryuu makes me angry. After successfully ruling all that time, how can he so shamelessly start becoming corrupted? Shouldn't he have stronger moral character after all this time? That kind of thing makes me mad. I'm sure the people of Ryuu will be devastated when he dies, partly because of the shock.

What is your favourite scene in Juuni Kokki and why? ...I don't know!!! The scene in the first arc with Rakushun comforting Youko, the scene in the Taiki arc with Shouryuu putting up a frightening act, and even the scene on the boat when Suzu discovers that Seishuu's getting worse were all very well-done scenes. And Shushou slapping Kyouki was shocking- but priceless.

If you were chosen by a kirin as the next ruler to a country in turmoil...how would you react and what would you do? I'd accept it fairly quickly. When I'm asked for help, I can't stand to turn my back. It would very hard to leave my family and the life I know here, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't do something. I know people would be devastated to suddenly loose me, but it would be for the greater good.

Which of the following positions in a kingdom would you prefer and why: King/Queen, teacher/advisor, minister, lord, servant, guard/soldier, other? Would it have to be in a kingdom...? If not, I'd be a Nyosen. Like the one who helped raise Enki (I forgot her name), I would want to not only nurture an important person, but also educate them about their importance and guide them in making good decisions. Within the realms of a kingdom, though, I would be a queen. If I have the power to help people, I want to help as many of them as I can! It would drive me up the wall to be only be an advisor to someone in power, because I wouldn't want my advice falling on deaf ears.

Anything else you'd like to say? ....I love this anime.

5 Votes:

1) I have voted on them all!
2) You all should be nice and do the same.

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I think you're a mix of Youko and Sekki.

I see mostly Youko-and some Shoukei bits XD-

I'm also seeing Youko in a lot of your answers.

Yes I have to agree with Youko on my fellow voters. :)

I still vote Rangyoku ^_^

You've been stamped as:

(hope this stamp suits you more than your previous one :) )

Please stay active and continue to vote on others. Thanks! ^^

A LOT better, actually. XD And ironically, I didn't get a single Youko vote in my first! I'll put this in my profile as an advertisement after my vacation and then leave an appearance post then, too. Good luck to the community, I'm still rootin' for it!

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