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who doesn't like youma? (ahem...and hello)
DIS: AL: Gemini
treasuresiren wrote in 12k_reflection



Name: Amanda
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Do you have a preference for the gender of the character you will be voted as? Nope, just give me whoever sounds the most accurate

Likes: writing, reading, words, language, mythology, philosophy, thinking, theology, animals (wolves), biology, enviornmental issues, fairy tales, etymology, nature, drawing, being there for people, giving helpful advice/giving help in general, connecting obscure ideas/concepts, researching

Dislikes: unnecessary cruelty to animals people and the enviornment, people who don't take the time to listen/understand others, people who would abuse their positions of power, injustices/misunderstandings that are never righted, when people or animals are misjudged, wasting time, being overly emotional and childish, wallowing in feelings of pity for myself

Hobbies: writing, reading, drawing (sometimes), looking up and/or researching subjects that interests me, watching One Piece, reading Fairy Tail, planning essays and theory-essays in my head, thinking and contemplating various subjects ranging from my life to more social subjects

Strengths: I don't give up easily; it takes a lot to get me to quit on life and my goals. No matter how down I get it never really lasts and next thing I know I'm up at it again. I probably should count writing as a strength as it's one thing I'm good at.

Weaknesses: I have a tendency to wallow it my bad and negative feelings, even if it doesn't last that long. Of more annoyance is the ease with which I waste time, thereby getting nothing useful done when I could have used the time to write or relax; of course I need to acknowledge that productibility does not equal happiness and be okay with a little free time too. I have the problem of going to the extreme end of things (usually in the opposite direction people warn you of) and need to learn to be more in the middle.

Favourite Quotes:
"Do as your heart tells you" ~ from Gundam Wing

"I sought them far and found them,
the sure, the straight, the brave,
the hearts I lost my own to,
the souls I could not save" ~ by A. E. Housman

"Who is certain he knows the ending of things when he is only beginning them is either extremely wise or extremely foolish; no matter which is true, he is certainly an unhappy man, for he has put a knife in the heart of wonder." ~ Qanuc proverb from Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams


How do people usually describe you? kind, occasionally thoughtful, strong (emotionally), a role model, good at solving problems, creative and worrisome.

Who do you admire most and why? Probably Tad Williams, an American fantasy writer, because he weaves stories in such a wonderful way to me, mostly becaues there's always a twist in the end like the intent of the quest of the story is actually not what it seems.

What is your dream?: This has changed somewhat since I last wrote this (I originally wrote most of this up about four months ago and finally have remembered to post it...). I'd like to shake people up, awaken them, make them think, inspire them, entertain them, educate them, give them completely different ways of thinking, perferably through writing (this includes creative, theoretical, and philosophical styles).

In what kind of place do you feel most at home? Somewhere small, probably close to woods or some kind of natural surroundings where there would be animals, likely made of wood too; somewhere quiet without too much hustle and bustle; also somewhere mildly peaceful but not overly boring either.

What is more important to you: yourself, your family, your friends, your country? Why? My family...because they understand me and support me in ways that people outside of that loop might not comprehend, but more because I love them for being there for me or for just being than for really knowing me inside and out. Maybe it's a kind of loyalty.

Who is your favourite character in Juuni Kokki and why? I'm sorry but I'm having a very difficult time thinking of just one character. There's just too many; I don't think I can pick one, but if it's manditory that I choose, please tell me and I'll edit my post.

Who is your least favourite character and why? Shoukou because he misused the people of province and ran over a child in his carriage, but moreso because he didn't seem to care. All that seemed to matter was his challenge to the heavens. Harumph.

What is your favourite scene in Juuni Kokki and why? Youko's ordinance speech where she repeals the custom of prostration because what she says strike me as extremely powerful and revelent. It's true that people deserve respect and when you feel that way, people will respond respectfully - I liked the sincere truth to her words yet whenever I watch it, the scene can inspire me to tears (in an emotionally inspiring way).

If you were chosen by a kirin as the next ruler to a country in turmoil...how would you react and what would you do? Mostly shock (seeing as I'm an identical twin what would that make my sister?). I'd probably struggle with it, as I wouldn't want to leave my family or abandon my writing and my ambitions, though in the long run I don't think I could let the people suffer. I'm a stickler for responsibility so in the end I'd have to take the throne regardless and maybe do my writing in a different way.

Which of the following positions in a kingdom would you prefer and why: King/Queen, teacher/advisor, minister, lord, servant, guard/soldier, other? Teacher/advisor because I've always felt that I had a lot of thoughts to express and views that I wished to spread to others. On top of that, I try very hard to listen to others and make sure I understand where they're coming from and how I can help them. I can't always do this perfectly, but it's something I honestly try to put my full heart and effort behind.

Anything else you'd like to say? I find these questions to be incredibly well-thought out and revelant to the point of this community. That's all.

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Yay finally a new application! :D

I get a real Rakushun vibe from you. :)

Oh my goodness, a new application! ;^; *tears of happiness* <3 (so sorry I didn't see this earlier though ^^;)

Hmm, while I can see some Rakushun, I'm actually seeing a lot of Queen!Youko in your answers. :) You seem like a very passionate, driven, and caring kind of person. ^^

...and wow, I'm glad you liked the questions! :D

Thank you!

Well, the questions seemed very well-thought out. I always liked rating communities that have detailed questions instead of general ones.

I'm going to say Kouya. I got his vibes from your strengths, weaknesses, and your answers to the what kind of place do you feel most at home and if you were chosen by a kirin questions.

hrm... i'm thinking Rakushun?

I had a really hard time deciding with this one: I was feeling Rakashun because of your obvious intelligence, but the more I read, the more I began to feel Gyousou. Your responses give you this regal aura, and I can see you being the one that your friends look to for guidance and leadership. Your sense of responsibility only adds to that.

Sooooo...I'm goin' with Gyousou.

I'll have to say Rakushun too.

You have been stamped as the ever-loveable


Please continue to stay active and if you'd like, you may also apply for the appearance stamp. :)

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