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Visions of Kirin
duzie_ou wrote in 12k_reflection
Do you have a preference for the gender of the character you will be voted as? Not at all.

Body Shot:

This is all I have for a body shot was taken in black and white by a friend when I wasn't paying attention to her sometime before my 18th birthday in September. Sorry. It's in black and white.

Head Shots:

These two were taken around this time last year. Though, my bangs are now sorter and the back of my hair is longer. The tree you see in the background is actually my tree since it's in my backyard. It looks like that before it grows these small crab apples.

These were taken with my cell just before I left for a friends 20th birthday on the 7th, three days ago. lol. I was having fun since I don't usually dress up like that. If ever....

3 Votes:
1) _this_one_
2) fireflysglaive
3) eyesof_atragedy
These aren't really recent votes, but since they're the newest in the community they count right?

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Hard. I'd say that there are very very strong Sairin vibes in there (especially the second pictures, that with the flowers). It's the same nice expression/smile, a little bit melancholic but friendly...
So yeah. Although I thought of Kyouya and Shoushun as well, I'd say Sairin.

I'm seeing both Yuka and Youka in your hairtstyle and face, respectively. ^__^

Honestly, the first person I thought of when I saw your pictures was Taiki. Maybe we can blame that on the flowers? ^^; But I think it's mainly your hair, even when it's shorter, it falls pretty much like Taiki's (I'm talking back in Japan).
Anyways, now what? Three votes, three entirely different characters.

I second Yuka with the hair. :)

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